Landscape Inspiration

Designing a landscape for a new home is an exciting opportunity to bring function and form and design aesthetics together in a way that is totally unique to the way you live.

Some questions to get us started on this journey are…

  1. What activities will you do in this space?
  2. Who in your household will spend time outside?
  3. What weather conditions will affect enjoyment of the property?
  4. What are the views? From outdoors?  From inside the home?
  5. How close are the neighbors?
  6. What is the best placement of a focal point?
  7. Where would the best gathering/resting places be?
  8. How much maintenance do you want to manage?
  9. How do you envision interacting with nature?
  10. How long will you live here?
  11. What limitations and/or restrictions from the HOA need to be accommodated?
  12. What have you always dreamed of for your own private outdoor space, and how can we make it happen here?

Consider these questions and call me to chat!

Download a printable version of this Landscape Inspiration here.>>