book vignettes

These are images I arranged, photographed, and processed through a watercolor app to accompany my blog posts on Click on each one to see a larger version of the image.

Shonda Rhymes: The Year of Yes Myquillyn Smith: The Nesting Place

Gail Simmons: talking with my mouth full Amelia Morris: Bon Appetempt

Scott Shuman: The Sartorialist Sarah Ruhl: 100 #Essays I Don't Have Time to Write

Steven Pressfield: The War of Art Sarah Susanka: not so small life

marie kondo: the life-changing magic Garance Dore - Love Style Lfe

Katrina Kenison: magical journey Michael Gibney: Sous Chef

Cheryl Strayed: Wild Tamar Adler: An Everlasting Meal

Gail Simmons: 4 Words Tara Mohr: Playing Big

























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