BONEFLOWER was designed as a Third Place in Downtown Oakland.  Its simple, hand-drawn vibe and Greek-stair styled inspiration and Parti design came on the heels of FLOWERCRAFT.

BONEFLOWER gave me a place to exercise restraint in both the interior architecture and in the presentation format.  I really grew to love this project. Its simplicity influenced the way I address clients’ lifestyle choices in my decluttering company, TurboTidy.com.
boneflower1 boneflower2 boneflower3 boneflower4 boneflower5 boneflower6 boneflower8 boneflower7boneflower9

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Hi – I’m Cyn Coulouthros. I write about the issues that concern modern, suburban families. I’m a wife and a parent. I live in Walnut Creek, CA, which is about 30 miles east of San Francisco (across the Bay). I run a decluttering company called Turbo Tidy.